LCP Medical is the first company to utilize the virus destruction power of printed copper circuitry embedded into a respirator or face mask. Conventional filtration materials provide the first line of defense, while the metalized circuit technology targets any virus that passes through filtration. Free-ion exchange and galvanic reactions create a surface environment that any virus cannot survive.

Our baseline product, the PathoGen1™ Optically Clear Respirator, utilizes N95 filter attachments. The filters have an FDA Emergency Use Authorization as N95 compliant, and they function like a conventional respirator. Particles are captured within the filter material, then discarded when the filter is replaced. Our new starting point is a better respirator that can be sanitized and reused, while being easy to wear and able to seal against the face. Our base polycarbonate respirator frame is clear to show the user's face, and acts primarily to suspend our filter technology in the air flow path. For added protection beyond filtration, our PathoGen™ Filter has flexible printed copper circuit technology embedded between the N95 filter layers. This circuit is designed to allow the ease of maximum airflow, while driving the pathogen-heavy moisture droplets onto the metalized surfaces where the virus cannot survive. Our overarching goal is to provide healthcare and frontline workers a more comfortable, easy to wear respirator that can eliminate pathogens - not just try to filter them.

We did not stop at designing a new respirator. We also looked at the masks available to the general public and decided better protection was needed for everyone. By leveraging the technology used in medical grade products, we have developed a consumer focused mask that is comfortable to wear and easy to breathe in, while providing increased levels of virus protection. Our new FrontLine™ Mask is a custom designed fabric mask with replaceable activity-based filters that provide different levels of protection customized for each user’s activity level. The mask can be washed and reused many times, with fresh filters installed as needed. The unique filter designs also serve to hold the mask fabric away from the face, creating a comfort focused air chamber that also drives airflow through the filter. This same air chamber principle is designed into the EasyBreathe™ mask for everyday use settings where the replaceable filter protection is not practical or needed.

The PathoGen™ filter attachment contains embedded flexible circuitry that is etched and metalized to create large surface areas within the airstream, yet is also structured to allow easy airflow passage. The metalized surfaces are patterned and treated to create microfluidic channels that break up moisture droplets and then self-initiate a galvanic chemical reaction, releasing a free ion environment that attracts and disables pathogens.

The unique filter attachment function onto the existing base allows for future filter type additions as the technology matures. Future filter generations promise to include significant technology advancements that leverage our core expertise – precision circuitry and micro-electronics integration.



Most commercial facial masks or respirators simply restrict airflow while attempting to collect particulates, liquids and pathogens, but they don’t attack or disable pathogens that collect from continued mask use. Our respirator actively protects the wearer from pathogens by capturing them within a separate chamber from the wearer's face.

Our technology adds to simple filtration by leveraging fluidic dynamics, microfluidics, precision fabrication, free ionic exchange and knowledge of virus biology to reduce the opportunity for infection.


Our baseline technology starts with micro-electronics, materials and circuit expertise. In the case of our respirator, the base frame is designed to provide a more comfortable and sealed airflow environment with basic N95 compliant filtration, but the anti-PathoGen™ function is the technology leap beyond current respirators and face masks. The PathoGen™ Filter is designed trap and destroy pathogens as the user inhales and exhales. The filter places a large surface area of metallization directly into a user’s airflow path, driving as many pathogens into the kill zone as possible. Careful design maximizes the opportunity for pathogens to be destroyed.



  • Engineering grade materials for high performance
  • Reusable & easily sanitized with conventional cleaning methods
  • Modular assembly allows for mix-and-match features
  • Embedded Anti-PathoGen™ circuitry
  • N95 compliant filters
  • Improved comfort - easy face seal without excessive pressure on the face or ears
  • Proper seal eliminates fogging of glasses
  • Improved breathability without issues related to exhaust valves
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LCP Medical Technologies products are reusable, washable, and use virus-disabling circuitry to improve upon comparable masks or respirators.

If you are looking for better protection coupled with improved breathability, reusability plus improved comfort and safety, then our products are for you!