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Healthcare Providers Need Better than N95

The disposable respirator standard established by those who do not have to wear them. From Modern Healthcare, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a high-risk situation for all care providers in professional and personal settings. Disposable N95 respirators are often held as the standard for protection, yet they are horrible to wear, easily contaminated, difficult to sanitize and impossible to clean. … Read More

October 20, 2021
frontline mask virus eliminating mask smartbrief innovation awards
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FrontLine™ Anti-Pathogen Face Mask Wins SmartBrief Innovation Award

“We are honored to have won Best Safety & Health Solutions for our FrontLine™  Virus Elimination Face Mask which makes traveling easier and safer for the wearer.” The FrontLine™  Virus Elimination Face Mask from LCP Medical Technologies has won Best Safety & Health Solutions at this year’s SmartBrief Innovation Awards: Business Traveler. The SmartBrief Innovation Award recognizes the top innovators … Read More

September 30, 2021
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Innovative Copper Circuit Filter Disables SARs-CoV-2 Virus Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (June 7, 2021) – LCP Medical Technologies, Inc. today announced the launch of the PathoGen1™ Optically Clear Respirator, a reusable clear plastic respirator designed for medical personnel that can eliminate viruses and other pathogens. The PathoGen1™ has a self-adjusting seal to the face that requires no special fit training, and utilizes … Read More

June 22, 2021